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SX OS v2.9.5 Beta Announcement

[News from Team Xecuter]

Another day, another SX OS release! Today we are proud to bring you SX OS 2.9.5 beta.


This SX OS update addresses the following things:

Full support for firmware 10.0(.1)
The latest and greatest firmware is fully supported now. This includes compatibility with the minor update released this week (10.0.1)!
Local Multiplayer over the internet (LAN play) updated.
Local Multiplayer over the internet (LAN play) has gotten some stability improvements. This should help with newer games like Animal Crossing. Please keep in mind to use appropriate MTU/PMTU settings, as some games are very picky about the introduced latency when playing over the internet.
Support for chinese gamecart images.
We have added support for playing backups of chinese gamecart (XCI) images. The switch released in Mainland China only has very few cartridges available at the moment, but this groundwork has also been made so we can support playing western games on chinese switches that soon will be able to run SX OS using our new SX Core/Lite product family!
That’s all we have for today! SX OS v2.9.5 beta is now available on our website or through the online updater built into SX OS.

Stay tuned for more SX OS and SX Core news!

SX OS v2.9.5 Beta Announcement

[News from Team Xecuter]

Team [WAIN] is back with another update to their SX Autoloader release!

When v10.0.x firmwares was released, it was soon discovered that it had issues with the older SX Autoloader v1.30, but now it has been fixed and updated to v1.40 by Team [WAIN] and you can now go back to enjoying how easy it is to mount your XCI (dumped cartridges) on your Switch console (including now the Chinese cartridge dumps), when running on the latest Nintendo firmware on your Switch, and the recently released v2.9.5 SX OS Beta.

Changelog v1.40

Support for v10.0.x Switch Firmwares
Compatibly with v2.9.5 SX OS Beta

As usual, you can find the latest version of WAIN’s SX Autoloader in our TX Community Resources section, just unpack the new version overwriting the previous files on your Micro SD Card. For more info and support, please also join our Official TX Chat Server.

SX Core/Lite Status Update

[News from Team Xecuter]

Hello friends! Just a little update before more precise information is released next week.
First as you can guess, we are suffering some delays due to the corona virus pandemic. Closed or requisitioned factories, unavailable or inflated components prices etc. We unfortunately are much behind schedule.


But good news, the situation is getting better and we will start taking preorders next week and ship the review/test samples in the following days.

To give a loose schedule, after the review samples are tested, we will probably need little time to finalize the SX Core and SX Lite and start mass production and ship to vendors so they can fulfill preorders. We are ready, again, the delay is only due to current situation which is slowly getting back to normal at our production site.

Both SX Core and SX Lite will come with an included SX OS license (as with SX Pro). CFW (custom firmwares) will also be supported.

That’s it for now, stay tune for more news, information and preorders next week. Until then.

Grab a Corona and a SX LITE or SX CORE Pre-Production Unit

News from Team Xecuter

Chinese New Year is over and we are back ! Actually no, we are not, Corona delayed that relaunch.
Not that Corona we love to abuse on Saturday’s night, but this unfortunate virus that is actually blocking a big part of China beside also being a human drama.

Gladly though, it doesn’t stop us from working on the first pre-production run of SX Core for all regular Switch models except Lite – yes it also works with unpatched Switches as well as patched and Mariko. And SX Lite (original indeed) for Switch LITE.
Because it is pre-production and on a small scale, the products are not perfect yet. The finals will be, but for now, we need a bit help from the best of the scene to fine-tune the products to the standard of quality you expect from Team-Xecuter.

We are looking for 200 to 300 testers who are willing to commit time to really test in depth the product and report back to us eventual bugs, issues, or way to improve it before mass production starts.

Please contact us if you have the skills and time for it. Obviously, you need to know how to open an console and make basic solder points – nothing really challenging here as far a the installation itself. But a bit more to bring us that feedback and find the hidden bugs the common mortal wouldn’t.


Please no need to write if:

You don’t have time to really test this in depth.
You don’t have the required skills.
If you were in touch with us before and we know you just want free stuff, we know who you are, we manufacturers all know each other, don’t bother trying.
You can’t fix your console if there is a little issue. Again, experienced users. We are not going to send you a new console if you drop your soldering iron on the wrong place of your console.
We already have quite a few names from the past, we will confirm when you email us. But as this product is pretty advanced, we would welcome a little more help. All *NEW* application must come with references from known trusted scene members. If you don’t, sorry, we will just ignore your request.

Again this is for ALL Switch. Regular unpatched Switch, Patched, Mariko and Switch Lite. But obviously we are not interested in people with regular unpatched Switch (grab a SX Pro FFS!)

Selected testers are welcome to publish videos etc. as long as they do their part helping us improve the product. Credits or hate, it will help us make the product better. And we promise we will deliver something you will really enjoy.


Only 3 days later, gateway 3ds team released another new GW 3.2.1 ultra firmware.
With the new firmware, it added blue card GW-installer.nds with new 3ds support,
it is more easier to use the gateway 3ds card now.

And we’re back with another quick update!

So what’s new this time:
– Updated Blue Card GW_INSTALLER.nds with New 3DS support
– Added option to boot into SYSNAND mode directly even with EMUNAND on SD card
We received plenty of feedback regarding our previous firmware release and we heard you!

In our last release we realised there was no easy way to boot into SYSNAND mode, so we got you covered now!
From now on, while in the Gateway menu with the boot icons visible, simply hold B while booting into Gateway mode or Classic mode!
You will then be asked to confirm booting into SYSNAND mode by pressing X.

We also added the New 3DS support to the Blue Card GW_INSTALLER.nds, so you have another alternative to reinstalling NVRAM other than from our Gateway menu.


About one more month quiet, gateway 3ds team released latest new firmware just now!
Please check the news from gateway 3ds official support site:
Today we are back with another update: GATEWAY 3.2 ULTRA!

So let’s see what’s new:
– Latest EMUNAND support for old 3DS (currently version 9.7)
– New 3DS 8.1 JAPAN region now fully supported (multirom menu and so on)
– System Settings 4.5 support for New 3DS!
– Built-in NVRAM installer in the Gateway menu (behaves same as the Blue Card Gateway installer)

From now on, New 3DS users can rejoice that they no longer need to constantly use Cubic Ninja or Zelda Ocarina of Time to boot up into Gateway mode!
With this firmware update, you will be able to boot into Gateway mode using just System Settings, just like on old 3DS! No more extra accessories required once you have done the setup!

Just follow these simple steps:
1) Copy the Gateway 3DS 3.2.0 ULTRA Launcher.dat to your New 3DS microSD card
2) Copy mset_.cia to your New 3DS microSD card (where is your console region)
3) Copy “DevMenu.3ds” to your Gateway 3DS microSD card.
4) Boot into the Gateway menu with your preferred entrypoint (Zelda or Cubic Ninja)
5) Select the new “NVRAM INSTALL” option from the menu, proceed with installation.
6) Once installed, boot into Gateway mode and launch DevMenu.3ds from the multirom menu (press SELECT)
7) Start DevMenu and import mset_.cia from your SD card.
8) Reboot console and verify you can now boot into Gateway mode with the classic System Settings DS Profile method. (Settings -> Profile -> Nintendo DS profile)
9) Enjoy! No more cartridge swapping required to use Gateway 3DS on New 3DS! :-)

Please make sure to install the *CORRECT* mset cia for your region, we do not recommend this for new users with little experience !!

Please be aware that this downgrades the System Settings application on your SYSNAND, so be wise and
backup your SYSNAND (and setup EMUNAND) using the Gateway menu before you do this.
Note you can always manually install a newer CIA version back of System Settings, but using our Sysnand Restore option is the recommended option.

New 3DS users might also wonder why there is no EMUNAND update yet, and the answer is simply that while we are still making steady progress on this front, there is still alot of work to be done until we get to this point. So we hope our New 3DS users will understand that we cannot give an exact end date for this yet.
Rest assured we will be able to overcome this obstacle!

Gateway 3DS Ultra V3.1.0 support 3DS&N3DS V4.1-V9.2x firmware

Just new the news from Gateway 3DS official support site, gateway team public released ultra V3.1.0 beta to add support new 3DS V9.2 firmware support.
In the before gateway ultra firmware can only support V4.1-V9.2.x 3DS(XL/LL) , can’t support new 3DS.
with the new ultra V3.1.0 firmware, now you can use gateway 3ds card to play 3ds roms on your 3DS (XL/LL) and new 3DS(XL/LL) for free, without game limit, just drop and play, easier to select roms from game menu …

for the following is the  gateway 3ds newest function list:
Every feature of the GATEWAY experience on the original 3DS is supported on New 3DS, such as but not limited to:
– 100% game compatibility
– Multirom menu
– Gateway and Classic mode
– Emunand !
– Eshop application support AND Eshop ROMs support
– Homebrew support
– Savegame backup and restore
– Gamecard dumping
– System nand dumping
– EXFAT and FAT32 support
– Diagnostics
– And many more features

We have spent months trying to find an alternative method that did not require you to have anything extra for New 3DS similar to our original 3DS solution, but we now realise that we should just have released what we have and improve it iteratively!
And that’s exactly what we are doing! We polished our current solution and made it into something we would feel comfortable with to release as a beta.
Keep in mind that finding a more convenient solution for our New 3DS users will remain a priority task to us.
We decided to release this as a public beta, so if you find any serious issues, please let us know.
Our current New 3DS solution is still a work in progress but it is a fully WORKING solution and that’s all that matters currently.

Currently we know there are a few minor issues in our release but we feel these are not serious show stopper bugs to put this beta release on hold.
One example is the paused head tracking and the 3D slider switching incorrectly between 2D and 3D when in Gateway or Classic mode.
But rest assured, we are working on fixing these bugs!


– A save dongle OR a friend with a original 3DS that can launch our Gateway menu
– A genuine physical gamecard copy of “The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D”
– Gateway 3.1.0 ULTRA Launcher.dat file

1. Drag and drop the Gateway 3.1.0 ULTRA Launcher.dat file to your New 3DS’s internal microSD card, behind the back plate.
2. Locate the savegame for “The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D” for your region in the Gateway 3.1.0 ULTRA release.
3. Restore the savegame to the game: you can either use a generic savegame dongle OR use our Gateway menu’s Restore savegame option with a original 3DS from a friend.
4. Boot up the New 3DS and launch the Zelda game.
5. Select the GATEWAY savegame and Link will be standing inside a tree hut.
6. Simply press A to load the Gateway menu.
You will be greeted with the Gateway menu, and from there you can insert the Gateway card and boot into Gateway mode.
NOTE: We are also working on using Cubic Ninja as a means to load our Gateway menu, please stay tuned for more information soon!
Support the innovators not the imitators, and as always ENJOY!

GATEWAY 3DS Firmware ULTRA 3.0.4 BETA PUBLIC Released

As we known, Nintendo 3DS newest firmware updated to V9.5 , then gateway 3DS team followed their step and released the newest Ultra V3.0.4 beta firm to emunand 9.5, to let players use all features of Nintendo 9.5 features.

The following is the news from Gateway 3DS official support site:

Today we present just a quick update for our users with 9.5 emunand. This fixes the multirom menu not showing up and various updates for properly supporting 9.5 emunand.

We also want to inform our users about some news regarding emunand support for the New 3DS:
We will not be able to support emunand 9.5 or higher for a while on the New 3DS. This is only an issue for the New 3DS, the old 3DS and 2DS will never have this issue. This is not a definitive barrier, but we feel it necessary to inform our users that while we are still working on releasing our New 3ds support, we will not be able to provide support yet for 9.5 emunand or higher for New 3DS on release

How to use Gateway 3DS Ultra V3.0 on V9.2.X to Play 3DS Roms

After several month hard working, gateway team released the newest Ultra V3.0 firmware finally.
Now, you can only use Gateway 3DS red (only one card, don’t need blue card) on V4.1-V9.2.x to run all 3DS roms for free !

Gateway 3DS Ultra V3.0 Play All 3DS roms on V4.10V9.2.x 3DS

Gateway 3DS Ultra V3.0 Play All 3DS roms on V4.10V9.2.x 3DS

We just tested the gateway V3.0 firmware on our v9.2.0-10u 3DS , it is so easy to use and works great!

We wrote a step by step user manual to help our users to run new V3.0 firmware.

To use Gateway 3DS ultra V3.0 is very easy ,
just follow the following several steps:
(1)Go to gateway 3DS officia support site to download V3.0 firmware:


(2)unzip it, copy “Launcher.dat” to the root of your SD card(big card);
(3)Download 3DS roms and copy the roms to microSDHC memory card(small card):


(4)insert microSDHC memory card(small card) to Gateway red card
(5)insert gateway red to card to 3DS
(6)power on your 3DS
(7)Connect to WiFi
(8) launch browser
(9)Clear history and cookies
(10)Go to go.gateway-3ds.com
(11) then you will gateway menu screen
(12) go back to home, and press “select” button
(13) You will see game list menu, choose the game and enjoy!

We aslo did a simple video to show you how to use the gateway 3DS ultra V3.0, please check it: