Gateway 3DS will Support 3DS Firmware V7.x – V9.2.x

Just get the news from Gateway 3DS official site, they will release the new firmware support 3DS firmware from V7.x-V9.2.x.
Before, they only push the message that they only support V9.0.x-V9.2.x.
Now, they will release new firmware can support all 3DS consoles from V7.x-V9.2.x,
means more 3DS owners can use gateway 3ds very soon.
So now, please don’t update your 3DS above V9.2 and wait the new firmware.

The following message from gateway 3ds official support site:

We  know  many  Gateway 3DS  users  are  eagerly  anticipating our upcoming native firmware support for Systems over 4.5 up to 9.2.
We have currently implemented support for firmware versions 7.0 until 9.2 and adding support for lower versions every day.
We apologize for the  delay but want to reassure our users that it will be released soon.

Our  proven policy  is  not  to  rush  a  product for a quick shameless buck, but to release highly featured updates which are also future proof. All  Gateway  owners  have been enjoying our product for up to 18 months now and none of them regret their purchase. The same will remain for new users who we are sure will enjoy their Gateway, probably for the lifetime of their console.

Thank  you  for your support and we ask you for just a little more patience, our release is now just around the corner.

Gateway 3DS 2.7 OMGEA Public Released

Recently, Nintendo update 3DS firmware frequent, from V9.2.x to V9.3.x ,then to V9.4.x .
Gateway team isn’t free too, they are working hard on V9.0-V9.2 firmware, and just now, release the OMEGA 2.7 firmware.

The following news is from Gateway 3DS official support site:

Today we present another quick update for our 4.5 users: Gateway OMEGA 2.7 which brings support for emunand 9.4!

We also want to inform our users that we are still working on native support for sysnand 9.0 – 9.2, so please be patient until we are ready to release!
We try to deliver a smooth experience for our users and this takes time to perfect!

We also inform our users that they MUST NOT UPDATE SYSNAND TO 9.3 OR ABOVE, because we will not be able to support entry to those sysnand versions any time soon.

If you are wondering what native support we will bring for lower than sysnand 9.0, we can tell that after 9.0-9.2 we will start with 8.0-8.1 and gradually work our way down with support for even lower sysnand firmware versions.

[Download Gateway Omega 2.7]

Gateway 3DS website Updating, New Kernel will Release soon?

Gateway team work hard on V9.2.x 3ds firmware all the time, from the former news,
they will release new firmware very soon.
Now , only several days before xmas, will they give us a Xmas surprise?
I think they will do!

Currently, gateway 3ds official site is still under maintenance,

but please attention: they changed the top banner, it is a banner different with the OMEGA.

gateway_3DS_OMG_old new_gateway_3ds

So,  will they remove OMEGA firmware? and use a new firmware and support V9.2.x directly?

If  all is same as we guess, Gateway 3ds new firmware will release in 2 Days i think!

New SKY3DS with Blue Button Removed 10 Games Limit

As we known that Gateway 3DS will release new firmware to supports V9.x 3DS firmware with unlimited 3DS roms.

But the new competitor SKY3DS released a new card with blue button which can also play unlimited 3ds roms.

Now, compare Gateway 3DS and SKY3DS again:

Gateway 3DS has 2 cards, can play NDS and 3DS roms, has visual menu to select games, region free, put roms to memory card directly,
don’t need game title…
So, if gateway 3DS new firmware released, i think gateway 3ds is much easier to operate than SKY3DS.

By the way , the 3ds firmware V9.3.0 released, from gateway team news, gateway new firmware still can’t support V9.3.x,
and don’t recommend customers update to V9.3.x.

So, Gateway Team still have much heavy work, just wish you can release new firmware as soon as possible.



Gateway 3DS working on the New Nintendo 3DS

Just get the news from Gateway 3DS team, they released an video to show Gateway 3DS Card can work on new 3DS console. So, i think it will not wait to long to release the new firmware to support V9.x 3DS firmware, following is the original news from Gatewa Team:

Ladies and gentlemen, as they say.. a picture speaks a thousand words! That must mean a video speaks a few million words, right? Without further ado, today we show you Gateway 3DS working on the New Nintendo 3DS.

Gateway 3DS working on the New Nintendo 3DS video:

Gateway 3DS Supports for Firmware 9.0 – 9.2 Coming

Dear Customers,

Here is an exciting news from Gateway 3DS Team – Gateway 3DS card can support 3DS V9.0.x-V9.2.x Now!
That means you can use gateway card on the newest 3DS firmware, it supports New 3DS, 3DS XL/LL, 2DS !

As you know, recently some new cards released, such as the SKY3DS, R5SDHC, K3DS, the 3 cards can work on the newest V9.2.x 3DS firmware,
but they are limited only 10 3DS games, and the price is very expensive.

Now, gateway 3ds can supports 3DS V9.0.x-V9.2.x with unlimited 3ds roms, and much cheaper price.
So, if you are ready to buy a flashcarts for your 3DS,
Gateway 3DS is still your best choice!

The following is the original news from Gateway Team:

We recently reached a major milestone and now we are happy to announce that we are in the process of finalizing our support for 3DS systems running System Firmware 9.0.0-20 / 9.1.0-20J / 9.2.0-20 natively!
Yes, this includes 2DS and New 3DS!

Yes, you heard us right! If you have a 3DS, or a 2DS or a New 3DS system that is running System Firmware 9.0.0-20, 9.1.0-20J or 9.2.0-20 then you WILL be able to use it with Gateway 3DS!

We recommend the following to our interested users:
- If you are on native System Firmare 4.5, then please stay at this version.
- If you are on native System Firmware 5.0 or higher, then please update to 9.0.0-20, 9.1.0-20J or 9.2.0-20 and stay on this version. Do not update beyond this version.

But we also need help from YOU our loyal users!
We need you to get the word out to your community, friends and family that they must not update their 3DS beyond the version we recommended above!
We cannot guarantee that our solution will keep working with future updates above 9.2.0-20!

What’s Your Opinion on Gateway 3ds OMEGA 2.7

gateway 3ds

As we know that gateway official website released OMEGA 2.5 to Emunand 3ds system v9.0.0-20. And few days later. When lots of gateway 3ds fans are thinking whether gateway 3ds could emunand the latest 3ds system 9.2.0-20 or not. Gateway 3ds official released their OMEGA 2.6. How powerful gateway team is? Here comes the questions, what do you think when gateway 3ds OMEGA 2.7 would come. and what does that for?

Gateway 3ds is the world’s most powerful 3ds flashcart. With this 3ds card, you can enjoy lots of powerful features. Such as Region Free, EmuNand, In Menu OSD title selection, reasonable price. Compared with other news 3ds flashcart. it is still the most powerful one.

Gateway’s latest OMEGA is OMEGA 2.6 now, I just think when they would release OMEGA 2.7 . and what’s would that for? If you were thinking about that, what other features would you like.

Personally, I thinkg the best other features we want are as follow:

Support for TWL_FIRM and AGB_FIRM
Support for 6.x savegame keyX.
Cheat Engine

What’s your opinion? If you have more other features. Could you please let me know?

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Nice day!

Another Surprise From Gateway 3DS OMEGA 2.6

Are you still using gateway omega 2.5 to play 3ds games? I am afraid gateway OMEGA 2.6 is the latest release now. And it is just relesed yesterday on November 5, 2014. What’s the main feature about this omega? It is said that support for DevMenu and many other debug System Applications! More news about this gateway 3ds omega 2.6, let’s see the following news

OMEGA 2.6 of gateway 3ds:


Here we are today with another quick update!
While we are still working on the savegame features we promised, at the same time we also have other features in the works.
One of these other features was just finished and we were so excited that we could not wait any longer to share it with our users!

So what’s the new feature? Support for DevMenu and many other debug System Applications!

With DevMenu you can now install CIA archives straight into the SD card and launch games from there.
You can even take out the Gateway red card after booting into Gateway mode and still play the game from SD!
Note: we only recommend installing CIA to SD with emunand enabled.

Also, this means homebrew applications now have access to many more services!

As always, ENJOY !

After working on gateway 3ds card for that long time, gateway official team has owned lots of experience in 3ds games market. I think no other 3ds cards, including mt-card, r4i gold 3ds deluxe, 3dslink and some coming cards, such as K3DS, sky3ds and r5sdhc 3ds could exceed it.

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Nice day!

Gateway 3DS pk SKY3DS, R5SDHC, K3DS

If you were a 3ds games fans, I think you have already got the news how many 3ds flashcart available in the world market. Did you? They are gateway 3ds, mt-card, r4i gold 3ds deluxe, 3dslink. More news comes these days. They are another three 3ds flashcart, including K3DS, SKY3DS and R5SDHC.

gateway 3ds

As you know, Gateway 3DS card is the first & best flashcarts to run 3DS roms on V4.1-V4.5 3DS.

Recently,we noticed that a new kind of 3DS Flashcarts will release very soon( K3DS,SKY3DS, R5SDHC ) .

What is ( K3DS,SKY3DS, R5SDHC )?

From the official support site, they are a kind of flashcarts with only one card, which supports the latest 3ds V9.2.0-20 3DS 3DS firmware.Only one card and Support V9.2.0-20? Sounds great.

But how about compare with Gateway 3DS?

It is no doubt that gateway 3ds is the best one
For V4.1-V4.5 firmware consoles:

Gateway 3DS: Supports all games, select games from menu, 100% games compatibility and a lower price.

Then how about sky3ds and r5 sdhc?

For about sky3ds and r5sdhc, they are the similar 3ds flashcart. They could both work with the latest v9.2 directely with just one card. However, according to official features stated, we know that: Both of the cards could maximum play 10 games for each card. If you want to play other games, I am afraid you might need to buy another sky3ds or r5sdhc. And both of them could not support region free. What’s more. Both of the cards does not support region free, select games from menu and the price would be higher.

About K3DS, I am afraid it is still no more news from the card now.

All in all, gateway is still the best 3ds flashcart in the world. As we can see that, it is no more than few days after Nintendo released its 3ds system 9.2, gateway official team released their new OMEGA 2.5 to emunand that system. It is too powerful.

Get your gateway 3ds from

Nice day!

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