Only 3 days later, gateway 3ds team released another new GW 3.2.1 ultra firmware.
With the new firmware, it added blue card GW-installer.nds with new 3ds support,
it is more easier to use the gateway 3ds card now.

And we’re back with another quick update!

So what’s new this time:
– Updated Blue Card GW_INSTALLER.nds with New 3DS support
– Added option to boot into SYSNAND mode directly even with EMUNAND on SD card
We received plenty of feedback regarding our previous firmware release and we heard you!

In our last release we realised there was no easy way to boot into SYSNAND mode, so we got you covered now!
From now on, while in the Gateway menu with the boot icons visible, simply hold B while booting into Gateway mode or Classic mode!
You will then be asked to confirm booting into SYSNAND mode by pressing X.

We also added the New 3DS support to the Blue Card GW_INSTALLER.nds, so you have another alternative to reinstalling NVRAM other than from our Gateway menu.

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