New SKY3DS with Blue Button Removed 10 Games Limit

As we known that Gateway 3DS will release new firmware to supports V9.x 3DS firmware with unlimited 3DS roms.

But the new competitor SKY3DS released a new card with blue button which can also play unlimited 3ds roms.

Now, compare Gateway 3DS and SKY3DS again:

Gateway 3DS has 2 cards, can play NDS and 3DS roms, has visual menu to select games, region free, put roms to memory card directly,
don’t need game title…
So, if gateway 3DS new firmware released, i think gateway 3ds is much easier to operate than SKY3DS.

By the way , the 3ds firmware V9.3.0 released, from gateway team news, gateway new firmware still can’t support V9.3.x,
and don’t recommend customers update to V9.3.x.

So, Gateway Team still have much heavy work, just wish you can release new firmware as soon as possible.



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