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The R4i Silver card can supply all the 3DS, DSi NDS and NDSL consoles

R4iSDHC RTS LITE Card(R4isdhc-silver) is another new flashcart from

Product Description


Main Features about r4i RTS Lite

  • Double Game Engines Main game engine and assistant game engine help one another for improving the game compatibility
  • Real Time Save (allows NDS users to save the current game scene and resume the same spot previously stopped)
  • Real Time Strategy (supports playing game and reading strategy simultaneously; free switch between game and strategy and instant replacement of skin and language)
  • Full-featured upgrade cheat function (use .dat cheat format, user can download easily)
  • Convenient file-operate function (delete your dislike game files and game save file can be backed up online)
  • WiFi upgrade (able to update the game kernel by WiFi network)

Easy user friendly menu interface (icons of game, music (movie), internet, WiFi-upgrade display on the main menu make the operation very convenient)


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